Lecture Capture with an iPhone

The sub-title could be: capturing your lectures on the go. The idea is that you may find something that you want to share with your students and the only thing you have with you is your iPhone. As a student you may need to upload a short video of a presentation or something you did on a field visit. Recording a video with an iPhone (or other mobile device) is relatively easy. The challenge is moving the video from the device to the online course.

What you need…

  • Mobile device with video recording capability (like an iPhone).
  • An app to store your video on the cloud (like Dropbox which is free).
  • Desktop application to sync with the cloud (optional)
  • A stand or tripod for the device (optional)
  • A video editor (optional)

The Process

iPhone Lecture Capture

Video Capture Process

The process is fairly simple. Video record on the iPhone. Open your Dropbox app which will automatically upload the video to your Dropbox account (based on the settings). Go into your learning management system like Canvas and upload the video file from Dropbox. If this option isn’t available, then download the video from Dropbox to your desktop first.



What makes a good lecture or presentation?

  • Be natural & authentic; it does not have to be polished.
  • Look at the camera to connect with the viewers.
  • Keep it short and to the point.