Universal Design for Learning

FirstPostReflectionAs we think about best practices and instructional methods to transform learning at Avila, I thought it might be useful to share a philosophy instructional design known as Universal Design for Learning (UDL). A couple of our core values at Avila University comes to mind when thinking about UDL. The first is the worth, dignity, and potential of each human being and the second is diversity and its expression. So it is important to consider how different learners are from each other that should be considered in our instructional designs.

This is especially important in online learning activities. Here is a tri-fold where one organization believes that UDL improves accessibility to online learning content.

This Prezi gives an excellent overview of UDL and the YouTube video following it shows the impact it can have on students.



Visit the National Center on Universal Design for Learning for more information on the three guiding principles
for UDL:

  1. Provide multiple means of representation.
  2. Provide multiple means
    of action and expression.
  3. Provide multiple means of engagement.