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Note: Currently this capability is for students only. Check back on a future release for faculty and staff.

Setting up your account

In order to take advantage of the reset password tool, you must complete the MyAU security questionnaire. Log into MyAU and go to Support Resources > Student Account Maintenance.

You will receive confirmation by email once you submit the security questions and answers. It is important to maintain your account in order to reset your password in the future.

Using the password reset tool

Go to  Reset Password Complete the information on the opening page (click the image to see full size):


Once the information is successfully entered you will see the following (click image to see full size):



The information in purple font should be filled-in. A security question is randomly selected from your account which you must respond to. Enter a new password twice and complete the rest of the information as requested.

Your password will reset if the information you provided is validated by the system. Use the new password for all Avila systems (MyAU, Canvas, etc.)


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