Google Apps for Education

Avila University uses Google Apps for Education to support collaboration in learning and work settings. Contact Mark Eaton to request an Avila Google account.

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Activating your Avila Google Account

This Avila Technology Topic demonstrates how to activate your new Avila Google account. It also demonstrates why cloud computing and sharing documents is better for collaboration than standard documents and email.

Google plus icon.Activating Google+

Once you activate your Google account, you can turn on Google Plus (Google+). Activating Google+ gives you additional social networking tools such as threaded discussions and video conferencing.

Google Hangout IconVideo Conferencing with Google+ Hangout

Google+ Hangout is a simple and effective tool for online video meetings, instructor virtual office hours, student project team meetings and just to “hang out” with others in your circles. Video Conferencing with Google+ Hangoutdemonstrates the features of hangout and how to quickly setup your own hangout session.

YouTube IconLinking your Google Account to YouTube

Because Google owns YouTube, you can use your Avila Google account to create a personal YouTube channel that you can use to create and link content videos for your courses. Linking your Google Account to YouTube gives a demonstration with written instructions on how to create your personal YouTube channel using your Avila Google account credentials.

Image of a WebCam.Creating a YouTube Video Online

You can create short YouTube videos directly online if you do not have video production software. Creating a YouTube Video Onlineshows you how to use YouTube tools to quickly create a video without processing or uploading video files. All you need is a webcam with built-in microphone.


Google Sites Icon

Creating a Website with Google Sites

With your Avila Google account you can create a website using Sites. This allows you to create a portfolio of assignments or collaborate with coauthors to develop a website for a project or student group assignment. This presentation demonstrates how to create the site.


Google Docs Icon

Google Document Sharing

With Google Documents you can create and share text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You and coauthors can collaborate and work together (live or asynchronously) on the same document. Revision tools and comments allows you to recover previous versions and see the contributions of others. This presentation demonstrates these features.


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