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This Avila Technology Topic fact sheet demonstrates how to find and login to Avila Remote Access. Use remote access for enterprise applications required by your course rather than purchase or download your own copy.

Avila University has a private cloud that faculty and students can use for enterprise applications like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, SPSS, and other programs that may be required as part of the curriculum for the course. Avila University uses a remote access server for PCs and an iOS server for Macs which allow you to use specific applications without purchasing or downloading the software to your personal computer. Here are the steps to access the remote access server:

App Server for PCs

  • Open Internet Explorer and enter Only IE may be used with the app server at this time and if you are using IE11 you will need to set it compatibility mode.
  • Log in with the same user name and password you use for your Avila email.
    (click image to enlarge).

    Image of app server login

  • Click the application (e.g. MS-Word, MS-Project, etc.) that you wish to use.
  • A RemoteApp dialog box may display. If it does, be sure to check the box on drives so that you can save files to your hard drive. Click Connect.
    (click image to enlarge)
    Image of remote connection message.
  • Once connected a Windows Security dialog box will display. Note if the Domain is identified.
    (click to enlarge)
    Image of security message.
  • If the domain is identified, enter the same
    user name and password you use for email. If the domain is not identified, add AVILA\ to the
    beginning of your username.
  • Occasionally you may also see a certificate warning as shown here.
    (click to enlarge)
    Image of certificate warning.
  • You may ignore this certificate warning and click Yes to start using your application.


App Server for Macs

  1. Open your web browser(Only Safari, Firefox and Chrome are supported) and enter
  2. Log in as shown using avila\ in front of your username. The Spark Gateway will auto-populate and may be different than shown.SparkView
  3. Click on the icon for the program you would like to use and it will open it in a new window.mobileapps
  4. After you have finished working in the application make sure you close the program by either selecting File then Exit or clicking the X in the top right corner before closing the browser window. If you try to close the window before the program you will see a message like this.closeApps







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