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Tweets from Transform Avila

Excellence in Teaching and Learning Website

Powered by the Center for Transformational Learning, Avila University’s Excellence in Teaching and Learning website provides resources and opportunities for faculty, students, and community. The site is dedicated to the free expression of its members in pursuit of the Avila University mission and values. The social learning network site is the repository of content like scholarship information and forms (distinguished scholarship nomination form, faculty scholarship grant application, etc.). But we are also piloting social networking features that the previous site never had.

We now have a learning commons where its members can actively participate in professional and informal  learning communities to share and collaborate on special interest topics. Our goal is to create a virtual place where we can meet, discuss, and blog. As an Avila member you can self-register into the site, friend other members, and create special interest groups with other members. These groups can be private or public and come with discussion forums, announcements, and even a group blog that members of the group can post to.

Contact Andria Stokes or Mark Eaton if you interested in learning more.

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