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Instructional Design Services

Reigeluth defines instruction as “anything that is done purposely to facilitate learning. It includes constructivist methods and self-instruction, as well as more traditional views of instruction, such as lecture and direct instruction.” (2009, p6). During the past 10 years there has been a movement to create a common knowledge base of instructional design theories, models, and methods to better help educators with the art, science, and craft of facilitating learning.

Avila University, like many in higher education, is creating internal instructional design services to help faculty who desire to improve their instructions or student learning. Faculty may use these services by contacting Dr. Holly Henry, Learning Architect for Avila University.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Instructional Design

What is Instructional Design?

Instructional Design is often referred to as instructional technology, educational technology, or instructional design & technology. Reiser defines instructional design as encompassing “the analysis of learning and performance problems, the design, development, implementation, evaluation and management of instructional and non-instructional processes and resources intended to improve learning and performance in a variety of settings, particularly educational institutions and the workplace.” (2012, p5).

What is the difference between curriculum development and instructional design?

In general curriculum development is concerned with what should be taught while instructional design is concerned with how things should be taught, but both disciplines overlap and share many common characteristics, processes, and methods. Faculty continue to focus on curriculum within their disciplines. Instructional design services help with the pedagogy of teaching; linking instructional theory with learning theory that complements curriculum development.

What can Instructional Design do for me?

Think of the Center for Transformational Learning a clearing house or knowledge base for best practices in teaching and learning. Dr. Andria Stokes assesses and disseminates the latest research about transforming student learning. Dr. Henry evaluates and shares instructional-design theories and methods which can improve your teaching practice, especially where technology is used. In addition, Dr. Henry can provide individual consultation to help you select instructional methods that are effective in achieving the learning outcomes of your course.

What Instructional Design services are available to me?

Instructional Design services are customized to fit your needs. Contact Dr. Henry if you just wish to have consultation on instructional methods or if you need more extensive help on adapting technology to the learning needs of the class. Contact Dr. Stokes if you would like consultation about 21st century teaching and learning and how it can enhance your course. These services start with a conversation about what you want to improve in your course. We act as advisors and help as much or as little as you need.

How can I learn more about Instructional Design?

Avila University has licensed an Instruction Design competency model from the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Instruction (IBSTPI).  The competency model is the basis of the Graduate Certificate program in Instructional Design & Technology offered by the School of Professional Studies. The model is also licensed for use within Avila University. The Center for Transformational Learning will offer workshops based on these competency areas:

  •  Analysis & Planning
  •  Design & Development
  •  Implementation and Evaluation

Contact the Center for Transformational Learning for more information.





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