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Words from Alan November on Technology and Innovation

Alan November

Several months ago I ran across a short paper written by Alan November called, Technology Rich and Innovation Poor: Six Questions. In this paper he challenged educators and institutions of learning to answer the following six questions:
1. Did the assignment build capacity for critical thinking on the web?
2. Did the assignment develop new lines of inquiry?
3. Are there opportunities for students to make their thinking visible?
4. Are there opportunities to broaden the perspective of the conversation with authentic audiences from around the world?
5. Is there an opportunity for students to create a contribution (purposeful
6. Does the assignment demo “best in the world” examples of content and skill?

The content includes examples of student levels of digital literacy and and self-directed learning and how educators are preparing their students to be effective learners in a society where information control has been replaced by information chaos.

As K-12 educational structures are changing so are those in higher education. Knowing and understanding who our future students will be and what learning skills they bring to the classroom are vital in building the future leaders, workers, and academics of our county.

If you would like to discuss this topic further contact:

Dr. Andria Stokes @ andria.stokes@avila.edu

To read the article in full see ClearingtheConfusionbetweenTechnologyRichandInnovativePoorSixQuestions

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