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#college in 5 words


Recently, I was scrolling through my twitter feed and came across  #college in 5 words. I was intrigued to see the posts. I was hoping these words of wisdom would add to the research I have been conducting on future of higher education. I cannot say I was surprised, however I was a bit saddened with the responses. Here are a few:

Netflix, pizza and maybe friends

I’m just trying to pass

I didn’t do my homework

Skipping class to pass another

Destroying mental health since forever

High school taught me nothing

Didn’t even need the textbook

Time to change my major

Grades don’t matter in heaven

Yes Netflix, I’m still watching

Although I am sure there are tweets that have positive connotation regarding learning in higher education, I had trouble finding them. I  have to say that as an educator I am upset. I love learning. I chose learning as my career. I could never see myself not learning. Yet, these statements do not show the love or self-directed inquiry I breathe every day. So, what’s next?

I wonder, are these students feeling any differently than past generations? Has access to free content changed the college student perspective of learning? Or…if there was Twitter when I was in college would I have felt some of these same feelings?

I don’t know the answer to any of the above questions but would love to start a conversation about what does higher education need to be to spur tweets like:

Best four years I’ve had

Changed my life ten fold

Built relationships I’ll have forever

Question, search, collaborate, problem-solve, question

Made me who I am!

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