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Center for Transformational Learning Open Full Time!


The 2014-15 academic year is upon us and Avila’s Center for Transformational Learning is here to help. But what do we do, you may ask….

The mission of the Center for Transformational Learning is to re-envision teaching and learning that inspires. Our role at the university is to create ongoing programs and supports that enable faculty, staff, students,and the community to be successful reflective life-long learners. To support our mission, the center has defined four

initiatives based on our HLC Quality Initiative:

  • Anchor 21st century teaching and learning practices within disciplined inquiry
  • Maximize Students, Faculty, and Staff Networking and Social Information Experiences
  • Move Students to Become Owners of Their Learning
  • Embed the capability within Avila to integrate feedback from economic initiatives to support curricular structure

Community Partnership between local K-12 and School of Education

The Center has outlined services and capabilities to assist in meeting these initiatives. These include:

  • Support faculty with Instructional Design
  • Build knowledge sharing communities
  • Facilitate continuous Improvement of University Programs
  • Enhance digital literacies throughout the University
  • Share industry trends that influence changes in higher education
  • Promote SoTL

There are a variety of ways to access Center supports.

problem solving cc

Collaborative vetting of purposeful instruction

One option is to contact the CTL to discuss how we can facilitate your vision or goal. The School of Nursing collaborated with the CTL this past May to re-envision their course structures to incorporate test blueprint creation, alignment of course objective/assessment within syllabi construction, use of intentional instructional design, and use of rubrics to guide student learning.


School of Nursing Day of Learning


The center worked with Susie and Janet to use Improvement science to define specific change agents that will produce improvement within the school. A day long learning experience was designed to facilitate the faculty understanding and use of these change agents.

groups etl

Active Groups on Excellence in Teaching and Learning website

Another option is to create or join one of the professional learning networks on the Excellence in Teaching and Learning website. To date there are 10 private groups and 4 public groups. Public groups do not require request for membership and include:

  • Statistics- The Beautiful Science
  • Transforming Learning at Avila
  • Scholarship and Blogging
  • ePortfolios.


Joining these networks and sharing ideas with other Avila professionals allows the faculty to build their Scholarship in Teaching and Learning. If you have an idea for a Professional Learning Group feel free to log into the site and create your own topic of discussion and study. If you need assistance the Center will be happy to help.


Forbes Article on Trends in Higher Education

Forbes Article on Trends in Higher Education

The third way the Center supports the university is through dissemination of information regarding trends within higher education and strategies used to to stay current. The site contains three categories: News, Teaching and Learning Strategies,and Trends in Education. These categories will be updated once a month to share current trends and resources that may effect the structures of higher education.


HLC Quality Initiative

HLC Quality Initiative

The Center is also charged with collaborating with academic affairs to plan and support HCL Quality Initiatives that include redesign of 100-200 level courses to include academic learning communities, redesign of identified developmental course and those courses with low pass rates, and creation of faculty learning communities that study student success. These initiatives will be implemented over a two year span.

Finally, the center provides face to face learning opportunities throughout the academic year. This year we are offering sessions in August on facilitation of online discussions, lecture capture with an iPhone, individual course design, and using student groups to build student ownership of learning. In addition, there will be several Dine and Discuss venues throughout the academic year, and one book study opportunity.

To access the Center for Transformational Learning on ground feel free to contact:

2014 Andria

Andria Hilvitz Stokes Ed.D.
@ extension 3607 or andria.stokes@avila.edu






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