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New Home for the Center for Transformational Learning

As of May 1st,  Andria Stokes, Director of the Center for Transformational Learning, will be moving from Foyle Hall 924 to Carondelet Hall. With her move, the Center will be located within the instructional resources office to connect transformational learning initiatives with instructional design & technology services.

Instructional Resource with Mark Eaton and Katrina Stansbury from Information Services are currently located in rooms 109 and 110. Andria’s new workspace and the Center will be in room 109.

Rather than just co-locating offices, the two groups decided to make the workspace a hub of collaboration using “re-homed” furniture from the library to create an innovative, transformational work space.

To create this new collaborative learning space, traditional desks were replaced with smaller study tables allowing for the addition of a collaboration booth. Here the group and faculty can collaborate on teaching and learning that is informed by learning theory, instructional design theory, curriculum development and other transformational practices.


Mark’s (left) and Andria’s (right) Workspaces

Be sure to visit when you are in Carondelet!



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