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The Center for Transformational Learning is housed in Carondelet Room 109

  We have created a relaxing atmosphere to support:

  • Teaching and Learning Services
  • Information about the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Instructional Design Support for Faculty and Programs
  • Information Seeking to Identify Innovative Practices within Higher Education

Join us:

To play, learn, collaborate, or work with our staff!

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Join us for a Taste of Innovation

CTL-logo-150x150 copyThe Center for Transformational Learning presents:

A Taste of Innovation

February 26th in the Marion Center Lounge


Faculty, Staff, and Students are Invited to Explore:

Innovative Apps

Interactive Learning Top 10 Virtual Reality Poster




Who's Who



Robert Sutton Author of Scaling Up Excellence Blogpost

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Blogposts to consider

The author suggests that if you are planning on working to scale your business you might want to take an imaginary trip into the future to see if what we intend to build is what we want to add to our world.

huggy and Robert  The Darkside of Scaling Up: Will you want to live in  what you build?