Working in Student Groups


studentgroupIn canvas you can create a special course shell and add other students to collaborate and work in groups. This feature gives students many of the same permissions faculty have so that they can manage their own project-based community.

For example let’s say that your instructor has divided the class into groups; each must analyze a case study in healthcare information technology. This is a term long project that ends with a presentation of your findings to the rest of the class.

Your Canvas group has a number of features you can use to organize tasks, keep each other informed, collaborate on specific topics, upload and share files, have live video conferences or just engage in discussion forums. At the same time you are working on individual tasks, you can share with the group, and design the final presentation in a wiki page or Google shared document. You can even post announcements to the group; and since everyone has set their notification preferences in Canvas, each member of the group will receive alerts and notifications the way they want to. On presentation day, you can present directly from the Canvas group using the instructor computer and large screen projection.

Here is a list of Canvas posts that will get you started on these features:

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