Heads up! Canvas enhancements coming 9/14/13

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Sep 102013

We all have those unfortunate typos when creating online content, but the worst for an instructor is when it happens in a Quiz or Test. With the September 14th Canvas release you will be able to edit questions and answers, even after students have submitted the quiz. After making changes the system will also re-grade and update scores in the gradebook for anyone affected by the edit. Students receive notification of the new score, so no need to send out a separate announcement. Isn’t it nice when Canvas does all of those extra steps for you??

The Canvas Conversations or Inbox, as some refer to it, is also scheduled for updates this weekend. Users will be happy to see a new subject line included in the conversations. This is accompanied by a streamlined view that makes navigation more user friendly. The new Conversations is an opt-in feature. To try Conversations, click the question icon and select the Try New Conversations option.

Also included in this release is the fix for several pesky bugs, that many of us didn’t even notice. However just like in the great outdoors, bugs have a way of sneaking up on you. This round of bug fixes included several for accessibility that will make it easier for those students to navigate the system with their adaptive software. Since Canvas does a great job of remembering the Admins, we also had some necessary bug repair in the area of migration and account creation.

Canvas created a short video summary of the coming updates and it can be seen here.


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