Guest Speakers in Canvas


Canvas has a special role that faculty can use for guest speakers in online conferences. The Observer role has limited privileges (see What Can Observers do in a Canvas Course) so it is perfect for enrolling a guest into the Canvas course. Once enrolled you can add them to a Canvas conference where they can participate in an online conference including uploading slides and presenting.

This 5-minute video gives an overview of the conference system in Canvas.

Follow the steps in this guide to get started.

No. Instructions
1 Make sure your course is published or will be published prior to the conference. (Canvas instructions on publishing your course)
2 Send the name and email of the guest speaker to Katrina Stansbury at x2484 or Mark Eaton at x3745. They will create an account for the guest speaker and enroll the person as an observer in your course.
3 Create the conference in your course using the instructions in the video above (additional Canvas instructions on setting up a conference)
4 Here is a YouTube video you can send to the guest speaker on how to be a presenter:
5 Here is another YouTube video you can share with everyone in the class to prepare participants as viewers:
6 Contact the helpdesk at x2900 if you have any technical issues with the setup.
7 If you are recording the conference, remember that Canvas stores recorded conferences for only 14 days. So be sure to let those who missed the conference know that they should review the recording within a week or two of the event.



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