First Time Instructor in Canvas


So you are teaching in Canvas for the first time or it has been awhile since you used the system. No worry, here is a list of things to get you started.

Notifications and Settings

Before you do anything else you should make sure you have your preferred contact methods in Canvas and set the rule on how you want to be notified. The link below will guide you through this. By the way, you should copy/paste this link into your course and tell your students to do the same on the first day of class. The best way to communicate to your students outside of class is through Canvas.

First things first: updating your settings and notifications

How will you use Canvas?

Since Canvas provides a dashboard to students that they use to manage all their studies at Avila University, Canvas should be used for ALL course formats; however, you have flexibility on how you use to support learning. This link displays a document that gives a minimalist approach to using Canvas which is a good place to start.

A Minimalist Approach to Using Canvas

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