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Here we take a look at all the options and features within the grade book in Canvas. If this is your first time using Canvas and the only feature you wish to use is the grade book, then go to A Minimalist Approach to Canvas. It will probably guide on you everything you need at this point. But if you plan to include learning activities that are online or submitted through Canvas, then read on.

Types and Groups of Assignments

You can create categories or groups for your assignments and these should not be confused as assignment types. The latter are content types in Canvas that includes Assignment, Discussion, Quiz, External Tool, and Not Graded.  Go to What Are the Different Assignment Types for a discussion on the differences between these types.

Assignment groups are useful if you wish weight specific categories of assignments or you need to have specific grading rules by group. For example in a communications course I might choose to use the following:

Category/Group Weight
Writing 50%
Speaking 30%
Participation 20%


Go to this link on how to create the assignment groups. Your grade book will be organized by the assignment groups you create. Canvas will figure out the value of each assignment depending on the weights you assign and any grading rules you apply.

Submitting Assignments…or Not

Canvas assignments can be configured to accept submissions from students or just for record keeping where assignments are submitted in class or grading is based on participation or instructor observation.  A new assignment initially is configured as no submission so it is important to set the submission type or your students will not have the tools they need to submit assignments online.

Look for More Options or Show Advanced Options when creating the assignment and then use the Submission Type field (see below) to set the submission type. Set any additional options depending on what you select.

Submission Type


Gradebook Topics in the Canvas Instructor Guide

Click here for a list of gradebook topics from the Canvas Instructor Guide. These topics will help you with final preparations of your gradebook and using it during the term.

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