Feb 192014
Some schools at Avila University are moving toward online course evaluations that are available as a link through a Canvas course. You can complete these with an Internet browser on any computing device. Using a Canvas app makes it easier if you wish to complete the survey on a mobile device.
Regardless of the device you are using, or that you are taking the survey within the Canvas course, you can have confidence that your submissions are anonymous. This is because the survey is actually hosted on a separate server so when you click the link through your Canvas course or Canvas app you actually navigate to another website that does not collect any information other than the survey responses.
You can access your Canvas course and survey on any computing device that uses a modern Internet browser (such as the iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, WebOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone). Canvas also offers free apps for some devices such as Canvas by Instructure for iOS6+ and Androids, and Canvas for iOS for iOS 5 devices.  Just visit the app store for your device to download the app.
Use the URL http://avila.instructure.com to setup the app and use your normal Avila login credentials (username and password).  For more information on using a Canvas app go to http://guides.instructure.com/s/2204/m/11980 which is the Canvas Mobile Phone Student Guide.
Check with your instructor or school to find out how and when they will send you the link for the course evaluation. Participating in the course evaluation is incredibly important in helping us improve the quality of instruction and materials. All course surveys are reviewed by the respective Dean and Provost. We look for trends that inform our decisions about curriculum changes, instruction, and technology.
Contact your school if you have questions about participating in course evaluations online.

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