Feb 062014

Course are created automatically from Jenzabar a few weeks before an academic term. An IT process runs that also loads the students who are enrolled in the course. But the course is not yet ready to publish and awaits the instructor to add content before students may access it.

This allows the instructor to build the course content according to his/her syllabus as well as customizing the course if needed. In most cases instructors will want to import a previous version of the course. Our staff can help with the import but it is actually easier for instructors to import their own content then it is for the instructional resources team. This is because the instructor owns the previous course and it is immediately available for his/her own use. The exception is when there is content that needs to be imported from some other system like ANGEL or from a publisher.


How to Copy a Canvas Course

The Canvas import process allows the instructor to import all the previous course’s content or select specific content items. Canvas will also attempt to update the due date of the assignments if you have the original dates of the previous course. This canvas guide explains the course content copy process. Contact instructional resources if you have any issues.

Don’t forget to publish your course once you have imported the content and completed final adjustments.


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