Jan 222014

EtherPad is a excellent tool for collaborating live or asynchronously online. Some instructors require collaboration for specific assignments and may setup an EtherPad document for that purpose. So you will want to make sure the document recognizes who you are to receive credit for your contributions to the collaboration. Here is how you do that.

From within a Canvas course, click the Collaborations tab to display shared documents (click image below to enlarge).

Display Shared EtherPad Documents


Click the title of the shared document to open it in the EtherPad editor (click image below to enlarge).

Open EtherPad Document


The document will generally open in a new tab or window. Above the document is an EtherPad toolbar. Editing tools are on the left and document tools are on the right. Click the shadow man icon in the upper right corner to identify who you are (click image below to enlarge).

EtherPad Editor


Now your edits will be identified by a highlighted color associated with your name (click image below to enlarge).

Your instructor as well as any participants in the document can use the time slider EtherPad Timeslider to view the life-cycle of the document. It gives versions and who did what using the name and color you set in the beginning.

EtherPad Highlighted Text

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