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3FingersThere are three things you should do before getting started in your Canvas course:

Upload a picture that will identify you in discussion forums, course mail, and other activities.

Update your contact methods like a favorite email account, mobile phone for text messaging, and other services (Canvas will not display the addresses/phone numbers but will notify you through these channels based on your notification settings).

Update you notification settings: decide how you want to be notified based on specific things happening in the course like course announcements, alerts, and changes in assignments.

This video demonstrates how you adjust these settings and notifications. You can also follow the steps below.

Canvas Settings

Step-by-step instructions

Change your picture/avatar:

      • Go to settings in the upper right corner of your Canvas dashboard to display your profile.
      • Click the current image.
      • Click Upload a new image.
      • Click Browse and find an image on your computer.
      • Click Add File.
      • If you have more than one image shown, click the image you want to use.
      • Click Select Image.


Add a contact method

      • Go to settings in the upper right corner of your Canvas dashboard to display your profile.
      • Under Ways to Contact in the right panel, click Add Email Address or Add Contact Method.
      • Enter an email address in the Email tab.
      • Click Register Email.
      • Enter a cell phone number in the Text (SMS) tab.
      • Select your carrier (phone company).
      • Click Register SMS
      • Canvas will send you a confirmation email or pin number for SMS messaging. Follow the Canvas instructions to complete the registration process.

Adjust your notifications

      • Go to settings in the upper right corner of your Canvas dashboard to display your profile.
      • Click Notifications in the left panel. This will display notification preferences with a column for every contact method you previously added.
      • Find a notification you want to change and activate the contact method by selecting an option in the column.
      • You can choose to be notified immediately, receive a daily summary, receive a weekly summary, or disable the notification for that contact method.


Going Mobile

Another way to stay connected to your Canvas courses, faculty, and students is to download a free app for your mobile device. Canvas for iOS is available for the iPhone and iPad. There is also an app for Androids.

MobilePhoneUse the URL: https://avila.instructure.com and your Avila username and password for the credentials to set up your mobile device. Contact IT at 2900 or visit the help desk in the library if you have any problems connecting.While the capabilities of these apps are limited compared to the desktop experience, there is much you can do to participate in discussions and to keep on top of your assignments.




How is Canvas designed?

Canvas is different then other learning management system you may have used in the past. Here is an article that explains the five core principles of the Canvas design which may give you some insights as you learn to use the system.

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