Jul 072014

These original architectural drawings of Avila’s campus were a part of the legacy materials found in the “Avila Closet” prior to our Library/Learning Commons/Archives renovation. To stabilize and preserve these historical drawings I plan to encapsulate them in Mylar. To begin this process I removed the original plastic sheeting that covered them and then carefully pulled the drawings off the backboard that they had originally been rubber cemented to.  Fortunately, the glue was old enough that it came away without much coaxing. Unfortunately, as you can see, it has discolored/stained the thin artist paper that the pastel drawings were drawn on.  This is especially noticeable in the upper or sky area of the drawing. Though they are not labeled as such, the first two buildings on campus were the administrative building – Blasco, and the academic building – O’Reilly.

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