Cerner Instructional Design Technology (IDT) Certificate

Cerner IDT

Spring 2013, Mark Eaton and I began construction of an IDT Certificate for Avila Advantage School of Professional Studies. We were very pleased when Steve Iliff announced that our pilot for this program would take place with Cerner Corporation. As we reviewed a variety of summative evaluation possibilities within the fields of higher education and business we decided that a competency based approach would enable both fields to effectively assess the content learned and owned by each participants. Our choice format was an ePortfolio.

eportfolio LearningThe ePortfolio will consist of an explanation of each competency, artifacts (projects accomplished during the certificate) to support participant learning, and reflections as to how this learning will influence future work projects. Students are allowed to select any ePortfolio platform they feel comfortable using. Instructors are invited to each site so that continuous review and growth of learning can occur during the program.

The criteria being used for the Cerner pilot is based on the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Instruction’s Instructional Design Competencies.


The areas participants will work toward fulfilling include:

  1. Professional Foundations
  2. Planning and Analysis
  3. Design and Development
  4. Evaluation and Implementation
  5. Management

We are excited about this use of ePortfolios with higher education and are anxious to see the learning contained within during this pilot.


Faculty ePortfolio Pages in Canvas

I created this YouTube video last year when we were implementing Canvas. It was meant to be an informative video to let faculty know that they can create their own webpage profile in Canvas and we can link it to a directory on the Avila website. You can add a unique URL to your syllabus, email signature, etc. so that students and others can view your professional background.

Now that we are returning back to the campus and nearly everyone has gone through basic Canvas training, I thought it would be useful to remind everyone that this ePortfolio capability exists in Canvas. Consider starting your ePortfolio today. Why? Here are just a few good reasons:

  • Your professional background adds to the scholarly reputation of the University. You are Avila.
  • Your students and their parents are sincerely interested in who you are and where your career has taken you.
  • You can just add the link address to your course syllabus and point students to it. You can add links to resources that are important to your profession.
  • Working with your ePortfolio is a great way to develop your literacy in online curation.

So what are you waiting for? Help is available through the Center for Transformational Learning and the office of instructional resources.